Verilog HDL
Quick Reference Guide

based on the IEEE 1364-1995 standard

by Sutherland HDL, Inc.
Verilog Training Experts

copyright 1997, All rights reserved.

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Table of Contents

1.0 Hierarchy Scopes
2.0 Concurrency
3.0 Reserved Keywords
4.0 Lexical Conventions
5.0 Module Definitions
6.0 Module Port Declarations
7.0 Data Type Declarations
    7.1 Register Data Types
    7.2 Net Data Types
    7.3 Other Data Types
8.0 Module Instances
9.0 Primitive Instances
10.0 Procedural Blocks
    10.1 Timing Controls
    10.2 Procedural Assignments
    10.3 Programming Statements
11.0 Operators
12.0 Continuous Assignments
13.0 Task Definitions
14.0 Function Definitions
15.0 Specify Blocks
16.0 User Defined Primitives
17.0 Synthesis Constructs
18.0 System Tasks and Functions
19.0 Compiler Directives